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Westport Young Women's League - 2023 COMMUNITY PARTNER AWARD

As President Mike Burns said at the presentation ceremony on November 4, 2023:  "Our next recipient is one of our local organizations that we have a long-standing, and strong relationship with- the Westport Young Women's League. Tonight they are represented by their president Bridget Flynn and grants director Julianne Bochinski. In case you didn’t know, the WYWL is an organization that runs various events throughout the year like the Craft Fair and the Minuteman Race, and then gifts the proceeds to deserving organizations in the community. They have been very kind to us over time helping us purchase our UTV and Stryker equipment for the new ambulances. On behalf of WVEMS, I want to thank you both for being here, and many thanks to your wonderful organization for all that you do for us and others in our community!"

Link the the Westport Young Women's League Website

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