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WVEMS Endowment Plan

Please click here to download the Endowment Plan.

WVEMS is embarking on a plan to build an endowment.  This will enable us to be less reliant on our annual fundraising efforts.  WVEMS has found it increasingly difficult to keep up with our financial needs as inflation takes a toll on our expenses.  Below outlines our needs as of 2023, our projected needs in the future, and a basic framework towards building an endowment that will be self supporting for the future.

A brief overview of how Westport EMS is funded:

What the Town of Westport pays for:
  • The Town of Westport employs 6 full time staff members.  
  • The town pays for Norwalk Hospital to have one of their paramedics on staff all year as well.  
  • The town pays for other things such as the building, insurance, fuel for the vehicles.

Total line item cost to the town from the current budget is approximately $1,300,000.  The town collects from patient's insurance which brings in approximately $900,000.  Net cost to the town for EMS is approximately $400,000.


What WVEMS pays for:
  • Ambulances- current cost is approximately $430,000 each. We have 3.
  • Paramedic Fly Cars- current cost is approximately $75,000 each. We have 3.
  • Durable medical equipment such as Lifepak 15 and Lucas devices.
  • Medical Supplies.
  • Training programs.
  • Public Education Classes.
  • Various member services.
WVEMS current budget:
WVEMS has a current operating budget of approximately $250,000.  We also budget for the replacement of vehicles and equipment.  This makes WVEMS' effective annual budget of approximately $650,000.  Our annual donation revenue is far less than that but thanks to the recent generosity of a few town residents and organizations, we have our current ambulance replacements accounted for.  WVEMS buys all of the vehicles and supplies and donates them to the town.  WVEMS also helps staff the ambulances throughout the year which is also a large monetary savings to the town.
As you can see from this, we are projecting that our future costs will far outstrip our revenues necessitating the need to build an endowment to ensure our future financial health. This will benefit everyone in Westport without directly adding to their tax burden.  We hope to engage the residents of Westport to help us achieve this goal.  
To discuss our needs further, please reach out to the president of WVEMS at
Thank you.

Please click here to download the Endowment Plan.

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