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Westport Women's Club - 2023 COMMUNITY PARTNER AWARD

As President Mike Burns said at the presentation ceremony on November 4, 2023: "Our next recipient is again one of our local organizations that we have a long-standing relationship with- the Westport Women's Club. Tonight they are represented by Robin Clark- current President, Karen Kleine- past President and Donna Richardson who I believe was our main advocate. The Women's Club is also a local organization that runs various events throughout the year and donates the proceeds to deserving organizations in the community. Their primary event is the Yankee Doodle Fair which has become an institution in town. I know my kids always insisted on going! This past year they made a break from tradition. Normally they would take whatever money they had raised and distribute it amongst a number of organizations. Having heard our appeal for buying 3 new ambulances, they decided instead to step up and make one large donation to us! Needless to say, their name will be put on the second ambulance to arrive. Thank you for being here tonight and for all the wonderful work your organization does for this community!"

Link to the Westport Womens Club webpage.

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