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Walter and Marilyn Joy Samuels Charitable Trust - 2023 COMMUNITY PARTNER AWARD

As President Mike Burns said at the presentation ceremony on November 4, 2023: "Our second award recipients could not be here tonight but I will deliver their award to them personally. They are Bob and Francine Richter. Bob and Francine are Westport residents who are also the trustees for the Walter and Marilyn Joy Samuels Charitable Trust. The Richters live here in town and recognize the great work we do for the community. When we put out the appeal to buy 3 new ambulances, they wanted to be the first in to buy an ambulance but had some financial complications. The story goes that one day there was a knock on the door at headquarters and two people said that they wanted to buy us an ambulance! They were welcomed in and their demographics were taken! I wasn’t there but obviously followed up with them. It will be our honor to put their name on the third ambulance we take delivery of. Many thanks to Bob and Francine!"

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