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Judy Michaelis - 2023 Community Partner Award

As President Mike Burns said at the presentation ceremony on November 4, 2023:  "Our next recipient is someone who can best be described as driven and tireless in our community.  I am of course talking about Judy Michaelis.  We all know that Judy is one of the top real estate brokers in Westport and what you might not know is that she and her team are big supporters of ours.  Judy has organized many events in town to raise money for us including many restaurant openings in town.  Our most recent one was at Tacombi which was muy bien!  The amount of effort they put into organizing each of these events is astonishing given what it took to put this event together!   Not only has she raised money for us, but has raised our profile.  We, and the residents of Westport might not recognize the importance of this but we do and we thank you.  As we all know, most residents only pay attention to us when they need us and Judy has helped to overcome that. On behalf of WVEMS, thank you Judy for all that you do for us and the community!"

Link to Judy's Website

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