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Thank you to our friends at First County Bank for their generous donation enabling us to purchase new Combi Carrier II Scoop Stretchers for our ambulances. 

A scoop stretcher is a device we use to pick up non-ambulatory patients in difficult situations allowing us to put them on the ambulance stretcher. They are unique in their construction in that they come apart and allow us to put them under a patient where we otherwise couldn’t use conventional means. Scoop stretchers are taken apart and are slid under the supine immobile patient and then reattached using a unique mechanism allowing us to safely lift the patient. Typical emergencies requiring the use of a scoop stretcher include patients with broken limbs or injuries to the hip and spine. We currently have 4 scoop stretchers made of metal that are nearly 20 years old and require costly annual maintenance from a service vendor. We wanted to replace them with more modern equipment that is lighter, made of plastic and does not require servicing.  First County Bank made it happen for us giving our crews the ability to extract patients from difficult situations with greater ease and safety for all.

Thank you First County Bank!

Pictured from left to right: Larry Kleinman - Treasurer WVEMS, Elizabeth (Beth) Brucker - First County Bank, Andrea Harman - President WVEMS, Marc Hartog - Deputy Director WEMS, Steven G. Ferguson - First County Bank, Michael Burns - Vice President WVEMS.

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