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What is the File Of Life?

In short, the File Of Life (FOL) is a record of your important information that we as first responders will need to help treat you when you call 911.  It is a list of all of your important medical information that we and the hospital will need to know in order to help you in your time of need.

Please feel free to click the link below, print it and then fill it out.  It is best to have it on hand for when we come to help you.  Please be sure to let your caregivers or family know where it is.  It's often best kept either on or near you. Some people will leave it on their refrigerator or at their bedside.  

Please be sure to keep it updated and as complete as possible with the most current information and give it to us when we arrive.  Additionally we suggest you bring your ID (like a drivers license) and your medical insurance card to the hospital.  We will make copies at the hospital and give them back to you.

Thank you for helping us help you.

Click here for the WVEMS File Of Life

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