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Daniel Offutt Charitable Trust - 2023 COMMUNITY PARTNER AWARD

As President Mike Burns said at the presentation ceremony on November 4, 2023:  "Our first award winner is someone who has been very generous to us for many years and couldn’t attend.  He is Dick Orenstein and he is the trustee for the now-closed Daniel Offutt Charitable Trust.  Mr. Offutt was a resident of Weston but realized the close connection to Westport as well hence the generosity to our organization.  Dick now resides in Sarasota so he could not make it here for this event.  Over time, Dick has given us money that has bought us a Lifepak, 2 fly cars (604 and 605), and a very generous donation towards a new ambulance.  The name of the trust will appear on the first new ambulance whenever we see it!   Many thanks to Dick and the Offutt Trust."

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