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WVEMS Fall 2022 EMT/EMR Class

WVEMS is excited to announce our Fall 2022 EMT/EMR class. Our highly acclaimed class will be led by our resident Paramedic and EMSI Rick Baumblatt. Space is limited and class begins in September and ends in December. Please click the link for more information.

2020  President's Awards

Every year the President of WVEMS gives awards to outstanding volunteers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  This year, our current President Mike Burns gave out the following awards:

Youth Corps Member of the Year  - Jenna Baumblatt and Ryan Blake.  "It was impossible to give out one award this year. Both of these young adults have been exemplary in not only the amount of time they have given, but in their inclusive, and kind manner in which they do it. They both have been active in not only mentoring and onboarding new members, but also in taking initiative to make positive changes to our operations.  It's an impressive accomplishment for both of these people during COVID, and a testament to the solid citizens, and members they will be in the future."

Crew Chief of the Year- Larry Kleinman.    "This was an easy choice to make with a number of people echoing my thoughts. Being a crew chief in this organization takes a lot- a lot of time, a lot of motivation, a lot of excellent decision making skills, a lot of caring and a lot of thick skin. Larry Kleinman fits the bill on all of those traits and then some. Larry is one of those people that not only deserve this award, but also deserves to be regularly thanked for all he does.  Larry possesses the kind of spirit and dedication that we should all look to emulate."

EMT of the Year- Yves Cantin.   "Time and time again Yves displays a caring and passion for this organization that is second to none. Not only is he an outstanding crew chief, but he goes WAY above and beyond in terms of helping to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. I can't thank you enough for all you do for us. You are exemplary in your passion and leadership for us all."

Volunteer of the Year-  Andrew O'Brien.   "It goes without saying that Andy was nominated by a number of people and deservedly so. Andy joined our organization not that long ago but has stepped up in so many ways. Not only does he often do multiple shifts, but he is an outspoken and active member of the BOD. Andy is that kind of special volunteer that will raise his hand to help, or certainly answer the call when asked. We need a lot more Andy's around here. Thanks for being a part of this organization."

Larry Kleinman - Lifetime Achievement for the Presidential volunteer service awards

This award is issued by the Office of the President of the United States and AmeriCorps. It recognizes a lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through community service.   “Larry has demonstrated his skills, abilities and compassion in thousands of 911 medical emergency calls. The community and our organization are extremely fortunate to have an exceptional and dedicated individual like Larry Kleinman available and ready to respond to emergencies and provide community education. His logged in volunteer hours vastly exceed the minimum 4,000 hours required for the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award”   - Westport Volunteer Emergency Medical Service President Mike Burns

WVEMS - Celebrating 40 Years of Answering The Call

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of Westport Volunteer EMS.  As part of our celebration, we decided to talk with some original members and some current members of the service about why they volunteer their time, how WVEMS has affected them, and some of their experiences working on the ambulance.

Join us in hearing in their own words how Westport Volunteer EMS has affected their lives and the lives of so many others.

Click here to listen.

Volunteer at Westport EMS

Join a family of over 100 volunteer EMRs, EMTs, and AEMTs who proudly serve the Town of Westport with award winning emergency medical care. We’re always looking for passionate, driven individuals to wear the uniform. Start saving lives today!

Your Donations Save Lives

Westport Volunteer EMS relies on donations from the community to fund our operations, and save lives everyday. As an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible and will be used by our volunteers to Answer the Call . 

First Aid & CPR Classes

Are you interested in learning CPR or First Aid? WVEMS offers a variety of classes to suit new and experienced students. Learn the basics of First Aid, CPR & AED and get your Heartsaver® Certification Card.

take our class and become an emt

From teenagers to retirees, becoming an EMT (emergency medical technician) is the first step to saving lives with our team. Our EMT classes are taught by highly experienced instructors and prepare students for success. Classes are held several times per year at our Downtown headquarters. 

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