There is always a crew on duty at our station 24 hours a day 365 days per year

The Paramedic is usually in one of the fly cars and the Intermediate or sometimes another Paramedic is the Crew Chief or shift supervisor who rides in the ambulance and is in charge of all personnel on the shift. The crews are made up of MRTs, EMT-Bs or other ALS certified crew members.

Depending on demand, we staff at least one and up to three ambulances from our one station in downtown Westport.

Our volunteer crews and bicycle team provide coverage for special events including road races, PAL football games,  the fireworks and the Memorial Parade to name a few.

Our crew members sign up for regular shift blocks 24 hours a day. We have sleeping capacity for six crew members to support our overnight response.

We have both paid and volunteer staff, this is a unique model that has served us well. Crew Chiefs are of the same rank regardless of their pay status. Volunteer and paid Crew Chiefs are held to the same training and performance standards. Paid staff members have administrative responsibilities in addition to their ambulance response duties, these include: general administration, training, scheduling, maintenance and billing.